What are the characteristics of the simulation penis insertion type? how's the price

by Adult sexlove on February 11, 2020

Simulation penis is a relatively easy-to-sell product in sex toy stores, because it has many good uses, so it is well received by female friends. So, what are the characteristics of the simulation penis pull-in type, and what is the price?

In general, using an artificial penis is the best way. The artificial yang has a kind of sex products, and many people use it. Because impotence is irresistible, we have no choice but to accept it. The use of artificial penis is just fine. The utility of this prop is very obvious, and women can also get sexual satisfaction from it. This point has also been tested for a long time. The specific method can be that before the male inserts the female, use the artificial phallus to massage the woman or pull the vagina. When the female can't stand the excitement, the male JJ enters, so that both parties can reach orgasm.

What are the characteristics of the simulation penis plugging type? In accordance with the principles of human biomimetics, massage stimulates women's sensitive parts, thereby regulating endocrine, and has a significant effect on improving women's sexual apathy, lack of orgasm, or hypersexuality, promoting sexual physiological balance, improving sexual function, and achieving sexual harmony and satisfaction. Super high degree of simulation, fleshy material, realistic appearance texture, rough shape, curvature can fully fit the body, super strong rotation, this product has been praised by people from all walks of life, and it brings simulation sex toys Changes across the ages have enabled modern women seeking high-quality sex to enjoy a higher level of sexual enjoyment.

How about the price of artificial penis? Although there is not a certain price standard, the market price will always fluctuate with various factors such as time. But the price will not be very expensive, generally within the affordability of ordinary families, it will not be as expensive as ordinary people cannot. In addition, there are many manufacturers and merchants that produce and sell simulation penis, so the price certainly does not have a standard market price, and consumers use the price given by the merchant as the standard.